PILGRIMS AND TRAVELERS TO THE HOLY LAND, Bryan F. Le Beau ve Menachem Mor (editörler),Creighton University Press, Omaha, 1996. xix, 284 s, 23.5 x 14.5 cm, bez cildinde.

“Proceedings of the seventh annual symposium of the Philip M. and Ethel Klutznick chair of Jewish civilization October 1994.” İçindekiler: Holy and haram: the limits of sacred real estate (Francis E. Peters); Sacred space and profane power: Victor Turner and the perspective of Holy Land pilgrimage (Thomas A. Idinopulos); Pilgrims and pilgrimage to Hebron (al-Khalīl) during the early Muslim period (638?- 1099) (Amikam Elad); Muslim pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the Mamluk period (Yehoshua Frenkel); The pilgrimage to Nebi Musa and the origins of Palestinian nationalism (Roger Friedland ve Richard D. Hecht); Jerusalem in late medieval itineraria (Thomas Renna); Mandeville's Jews among others (Benjamin Braude); The vision becomes reality: medieval women pilgrims to the Holy Land (Kristine T. Utterback); Pilgrimage, ritual, and power strategies: Felix Fabri's pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1483 (Dorothea R. French); Representation and ideals: the construction of women in travel literature to the Holy Land (Cathy Gutierrez); Clorinda Minor, from pilgrim to pioneer (Barbera Kreiger); Ambigious pilgrims: American protestant travelers to Ottoman Palestine, 1867-1914 / (Edward L. Queen, II); Nineteenth-century Mormon pilgrimages to the Holy Land (Andrew C. Skinner); Staying home for the sights: surrogate destinations in America for Holy Land travel (Lester I. Vogel); Baháʼí pilgrimage to Israel (Gandihimnohan Viswanathan).

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